North America and beyond

The success of an international project relies on communication and collaboration which are two of the key values Schuff Steel works to uphold. When we partner with clients who have international projects, we combine the efforts of local, reliable, and dependable subcontractors with Schuff Steel’s expertise for seamless steel fabrication and erection of a project. Using our proprietary software SIMS, we’re able to precisely track each piece of steel for a project anywhere in the world.

Schuff Steel has provided services for commercial projects, mines, multipurpose buildings, petrochemical facilities and office towers internationally, including Argentina, Canada, Indonesia, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and Russia.

International projects


Alumbrera Copper Mine

Mexicana de Cobre

Mexicana de Cobre

Soho Mall

Batu Hijau Mine

Soho Mall by Mariordo is licensed under CC by 4.0