At Schuff Steel workplace safety starts with what we like to refer to as the four E’s. Engineering, education, encouragement and enforcement. Together they help our employees and partners trust in a safer work environment day in and day out.


We aim to engineer away the majority of job site hazards. Our field personnel, who do the actual work provide ideas and concepts to make the work environment safer. Our in-house engineers, field supervision and safety professionals then collaborate and spend extensive time and resources on up front planning and design build concepts.

This engineering process supports the use of better and safer practices including guidelines for tying-off and the use of safer equipment such as Angel Wings & Floats or weld platforms, catenary lines and loopies.


Education helps ensure that every team member on a project knows how to work safely for themselves and the others around them.

We implement a number of practices and trainings in collaboration with clients and trade partners where possible, including:

  • Our extensive new hire process
  • Daily Pre-Task Planning
  • Daily huddles
  • Weekly safety meetings
  • S.T.E.P. program (Supervision Training Enrichment Program)
  • New crew foreman training
  • OSHA 10 & 30 hour training for employees
  • Resources for Safety manager’s continual education and certification within the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP)
  • Training for in-house Project Managers, Estimators and Sales staff

Engineering a Safer Workplace_Schuff Steel


Safety culture is not all about the proverbial “Do it or else”. Our employees fabricate and erect some of the greatest structures in the country, and recognizing and encouraging their involvement in their safety program is essential for success.

We want our team members to be involved and always feel comfortable in speaking up if they “See something – Say something” that could be the difference in all of us going home safe today.


Our process works to coach, mentor and encourage our team to do the right thing. However, in circumstances, where members of the team may not follow trained protocols or are putting themselves or others in danger, we step in to correct the situation. Every member of the team plays a role in safety, and enforcement ensures that stays consistent throughout a project’s lifecycle.

Safety is a core pillar of the Schuff Steel culture. It’s deeply embedded in the mindset of our entire team. Together we are continually working to uncover new avenues and techniques for the safest work environments possible.