Estimating with accuracy

The Schuff Estimating System (SES) increases efficiencies and precision. It’s an understood challenge in the industry that off-the-shelf estimating systems simply can’t provide optimum level of detail, therefore accuracy. Back in 2006, we started working with a team of nine developers to build an algorithm that allows SES to stand head-and-shoulders above anything else available in the marketplace.

“We have an extremely qualified group of veteran estimators that use leading edge technology for each project. Our team takes the project from pricing to completion. Clients can rely on us to carry their steel package over the finish line like no other.”
– Brett Will, Chief Estimator

We’re invested in your investment

The singular approach of pricing a project based on tonnage opens the door wide for challenges with accuracy. We believe investing the time up front pays dividends in the end. With SES we input a model that we apply labor standards to, followed by doing hard take-offs of literally every piece. The result is an estimate in which we have a high degree of confidence.

The traditional method of estimating decades ago is becoming a dying art; however, it also lacked efficiency and didn’t allow for fluid budget updates from design changes. With SES, our ability to estimate and be proactive is unparalleled.

Working with historical data, our proprietary software also allows us to track different issues associated with each job as well as costs.

Our years speak for themselves

Our expansive team offers well over 400 years of collective expertise. Our team and our system is second to none. We take pride in our transparent process and our comprehensive change order procedure. All design changes are managed through a color-coded markup process, before going to pricing, that illustrates both the previous and current design.

Our algorithm and estimating process ensures that every aspect of the project is considered, leaving nothing out. This avoids unsavory surprises and conflicts. It also allows us to estimate quickly and accurately while meeting tight timeline requirements. With SES and our expertise we manage every dollar with care.