Download our logo

For approved uses, we’re happy to provide the Schuff Steel logo in an easy downloadable format. Please review our guidelines for usage prior to including our brand in application. If you have questions or require additional file formats or sizes that are not included in our media kit, please contact us at

Download our media kit.

Guidelines for usage

To maintain the integrity of our brand in every application, we ask that you follow these simple guidelines for use.

This example is correct.

Incorrect logo use

Do not place the logo with a white background on top of a colored or image background.

Do not alter the proportions of the logo.

Do not change the location of the elements.

Do not recreate the logo in a different font.

Do not angle the logo.

Do not change the color of the logo.

Do not put the logo in a holding shape.

Do not alter the proportions of the elements of the logo.

Do not use any element of the logo on its own.

License agreement

Schuff Steel grants you a revocable license to use the Schuff Steel Logo in a referential context to the Schuff Steel Company provided:

  • Your product or service name is independent from, does not resemble, and does not include the Schuff Steel Logo or name as part of its name. Your product or service cannot be confusing to or construed by the general public as originating from Schuff Steel.
  • Your use must be presented in a way that is not false or misleading with regard to the Schuff Steel Logo.
  • You do not modify the Schuff Steel Logo in any way.
  • Any reference or use you make of the Schuff Steel Logo cannot imply Schuff Steel’s endorsement, sponsorship, or association with you, your company, or your product or service. Your use of the Schuff Steel Logo cannot be false, misleading, or derogatory to Schuff Steel or its corporate reputation.
  • In the case you need to use the logo in any of the above listed instances, please enquire first at for authorization.