Project Description

Project Details


Hensel Phelps

Structural Engineer:



Fentress Architects

Steel Tonnage:

6,000 tons


Nashville, Tennessee

Schuff Services:

design assist
project management
steel erection

Project Overview

Building this structure involved complex coordination. The new terminal and roof was built over the existing terminal, which had to remain in continuous, uninterrupted operation. Additionally, the team had to coordinate with public safety concerns and compliance requirements. We were required to work in close proximity with aircraft using large equipment, lifts and cranes.

Because of our team’s experience with similar complexities and proven successes over several decades, as well as the historical relationships with key stakeholders, we provided preconstruction and steel erection services.

We spent approximately one year performing design assist for constructability. For example, we suggested a truss design that required less fabrication and could be preassembled in the shop so that the segments allowed for greater ease of shipping and expedited installation as opposed to shipping multiple components requiring onsite assembly. We reviewed the appropriate types of crane picks that should be utilized to support span lengths as well as options to minimize intrusion as a result of having four of six spots to tie into the existing roof.