Project Description

Project Details

Structural Engineer:

Buro Happold

Steel Tonnage:

27,000 tons


Atlanta, Georgia

Schuff Services:

project management
steel erection

Project Overview

The success of this project was the culmination of nearly 50 years of consistency in team experience, including our ability to manage labor demands, develop the hoisting and rigging strategy, determine assembly and shoring logistics needs and execute on critical schedule recovery and acceleration demands.

The initial contract for this project was for 13k tons of steel but ended with 27k tons. Working round the clock for 14 months, our team completed the job with no serious safety incidents clocking more than one million erection hours with a peak workforce of 450. Our experience, relationships and partnerships enabled us to respond to the growing demand for labor throughout the project while keeping safety as our top priority.

Through many hours of collaboration, our team identified the appropriate hoisting and rigging strategy for the job. Given that some trusses were 180’ long, 75’ high and weighing 600 tons, a single crane would essentially need to lift a five- story building. In addition to identifying the right cranes at the right time, the rigging was also custom designed to the needs of this job. Four hydraulic sling adjusters with a 250- ton capacity each were procured for specific truss installations where calculating center of gravity was especially challenging. The largest lift on this project was 1.6 million pounds, and there were 100 truss picks for the fixed roof alone, each averaging over 100 tons with approximately 20 total cranes.

Truss assembly was particularly challenging given the limited amount of work area in the “bowl.” Therefore, we accessed an offsite staging location to perform pre-assembly on certain truss components, transporting them to the bowl where the trusses were assembled vertically. Not only did this accommodate limited workspace but also facilitated the crane picks. To support the truss installations, we utilized nearly two linear miles of shoring towers, including “mega” shore towers to address higher capacity requirements.

The project encountered many delays due to ongoing design changes. Our team was not only expected to recover lost time in the schedule, but we were directed to accelerate the schedule.

Given our comprehensive erection capabilities, to include precast erection, the client also contracted with us to complete all the lower bowl precast, and we installed over 800 pieces in 30 days. This allowed for both the final steel erection activities and precast activities to run concurrent while being managed by one erector, ensuring the acceleration needed for the completion of the stadium.